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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Official Site has Opened!

Stop by and check out the new site look, nothing but Awesomeness!
Official Letter from Joymax:
Hello, this is Digimon Masters Online.

In time for the Close Beta Testing or CBT phase, Digimon Masters online unveils its official website.

Everything a Tamer should know on how to play and survive inside the Digital world of Digimon Masters Online has now been posted. The website provides an introduction about the game, a brief description regarding the three different characters and beginner partners to choose from, Interface and Battle System.

We will announce a date on which you can download the client at our official website but please be informed that the game can only be accessed once CBT starts.

Although some game features like Item Mall will only be made available after the CBT/OBT Period, players may be able to leave messages at the Free Board under Community section or send bug reports through the Bug Report section under Community.

The battle for Digital supremacy is about to begin!


  1. Dear DMO what will I have to use to buy special items and what i will use to get more space for my digimon to digivovle into its mega form please help

  2. Please forward all questions to

    We are just a fansite