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Friday, August 5, 2011

Early Download for CBT

Well with only 3 Days left until Digimon Master Online Close Beta starts and DMO has released its Download Client early for us to get in and get playing.
So head on over and get to downloading, but first read this short message by DMO.

Hello. This is Digimon Masters Online.

We would like to inform all Tamers out there that downloading the full client for the Close Beta Testing is now available. You may now Download Digimon Masters Online's Client, but please be advised that you can only access the game once CBT officially starts.

Tamers please keep posted at our website for any updates regarding Digimon Masters Online CBT
Thank you.

5 CBT Events for 2 Weeks

The Biggest Group of Events to hit Digimon Masters Online to Date has been released.
But please note that all events are for the CBT (Closed Beta Testers) and will start the moment the game is released.
Below is I have the list!

Event 1. More Likes on Facebook
Hello, this is Digimon Masters Online.
More Likes on ‘Digimon Masters Facebook’, means more Exp and faster level up!
In order to gain the maximum experience boosts from the Closed Beta Test, players

are encouraged to follow the official Facebook page at Http:// where we promise that at 20 000 and 40 000 fans characters will be able to bask in large experience bonuses throughout the beta testing period.
Period : Aug 9th , 2011 ~ Aug. 23rd , 2011 (for two weeks)
Digimon Masters Facebook :
As achieving the 20,000 Likes : 100% additional EXP during the CBT period
As achieving the 40,000 Likes : 200% additional EXP during the CBT period
Event 2. CBT (Closed Beta Testers) Player Supporting Program
Hello. this is Digimon Masters Online.
In order to support our players during CBT Period, we have prepared 3 supporting programs that you can participate during CBT.
Details are following;
Period : Aug 9th , 2011 ~ Aug. 23rd , 2011 (for two weeks)
Supporting Program 1

Supporting Program 2
You can obtain a treasure box every hour. It provides you useful items needed for the game.
Supporting Program 3
※ You can randomly obtain Level 3 ~ Level 5 eggs by scanning the eggs that will be provided upon completion of the Mercenary Digimon quest.
※ The sizes and damages of the hatched Mercenary Digimons vary by levels.
Supporting Program 3 – Event messages
Event 3. Hatch an egg N get a chance to win
Hello, this is Digimon Masters Online.
Hatch an egg and get a chance to win a prepaid card!
Let us try our best to provide more interesting events in the future.
Period : Aug 9th , 2011 ~ Aug. 23rd , 2011 (for two weeks)
Eligibility: Three lucky players who succeeded in hatching will be drawn and win in the daily raffle!
How to participate
1) Have the mercenary egg hatch.
2) Wait until the hatching congratulation message appears.
3) Take a screen shot of the message.
4) You will automatically join the raffle when you post the screen shot to the Digimon Masters Official Facebook(
5) Three lottery winners will be announced everyday.
6) The winners will receive the 50$ pre-paid card by the registered e-mail after CBT period.

※ Hint! Your chance of winning increases every hatching.
Event 4. Obtain the hidden eggs N the avatar
Hello, this is Digimon Masters Online.
Obtain the hidden eggs and the avatar items by scanning the DigiEggs!
You will gain the hidden mercenary eggs and the avatar items by a certain chance during CBT by scanning the DigiEggs available to take by hunting through NPC in the villages. Don’t miss this staggering chance to experience various Mercenary Digimons as well as the explosively increased EXP event!
Period : Aug 9th , 2011 ~ Aug. 23rd , 2011 (for two weeks)

Good Luck!
Finally the Biggest of all the Event...
Event 5. Get a Big Prize Money for Six Megas
Hello, this is Digimon Masters Online.
Here is our 6th event for you that one lucky player who will obtain six Mega Digimons will win the 1,000$ pre-paid card after the CBT.

Period : Aug 9th , 2011 ~ Aug. 23rd , 2011 (for two weeks)
※ Hint! The more eggs and level you have, the more chance you will have.
※ Hint! The highest level player won't always be a winner, but gaining a higher level will increase your chance in winning.
Well that finished the list of Events for the first 2 weeks of Closed Beta. If anymore News Breaks or any Events get posted I will for sure let you all know.
Later :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Facebook Fans Update

Well about 5 hours ago, there was a Fanbook post by the Official Digimon Masters Online (DMO) that said it reached its 10,000+ Fans.

We here at DigiMasters Blog Wish them a special Congratulations, and hope that they reach there new goal of 20,000 really soon!

You can check of the post HERE or just look below!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

User Agreement!

Today I would like to cover something, that will make getting into the game a little faster, and keep your account on good standings.
Your thinking what in the world could He be talking about? Well I'm talking about READING and Agreeing to the Digimon Masters User Agreement.

This Is Right Under the Login In Box Click it and READ IT!

Trust Me not following the Rules can result in a Warning (Revision/ Deletion) or Account Block for 30 days and worst yet a Permanent Account Block. So Read it, it wont hurt you to take a few minutes or even a Hour out of the day to read and agree.

Well I hope you take my advice and do it, I would hate to see a Friend lose there account due to something they don't read. Well thats it for now.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Event News: CBT Homepage Open Event!

Its time to spread the word about Digimon Masters Online and receive the 100% Expansion Package!

Having trouble picking up all your loots? Have a load of Digimons with you but no space to keep them?
Don’t have enough space on storage to keep all the important things?
Well worry no more! Just spread the word about Digimon Masters Online and DMO will do the Expansion for you. Here’s how you get it.
Period: Aug. 2nd, 2011 ~ Aug. 9th, 2011 (for a week)
Eligibility: all the participants
Rewards: OBT Expansion Package (DigimonArchive Expansion +1, Storage Expansion +7, and Inventory Expansion +7)
How to participate?
Follow these steps:
  • 1. Post the url of the DMO homepage to the other game sites or blogs
  • 2. Copy the linking addresses of the websites where you posted the url.
  • 3. You will be automatically entered for the event by posting the linking addresses to the Event board of the Digimon Masters homepage.
  • 4. Don’t forget to give the title starting with [Introducing Event (CBT Homepage Open Event)] as posting (So that we can determine if your joining the Event or not).
You will have to participate the event through the Event board by registering post, not comment. Comments will not be allowed for the Event.
(Click above to post you link!)
Well Thats Not to hard now is it. Good Luck Everyone and remember the fate of the world is in your hands.